Profitable business trip at the hotel "Pakhra" (Podolsk)

Profitable business trip at the hotel "Pakhra" (Podolsk)

The Pakhra Hotel offers a special rate for accommodation for business travelers in Podolsk. Visitors can stay in a room with all amenities. Meals are not provided.

Guests or organizations have the opportunity to book a room in advance.

Any convenient payment method is allowed:
non-cash (before arrival), cash, bank card.

Standard "Single"
single room 1950 rubles.

Standard "Twin"
single = 2200 rubles./double - 2400 rubles.

Standard "Double"
single - 2200 rub./double - 2400 rub.

The "Improved" standard
single - 2500 rubles./double - 2750 rubles.

The standard of "Superior comfort"
single - 2750 rubles./double - 3000 rubles.

Booking is possible:

The validity period of the tariff is until 31.12.2021.